Women In History

Many people today look for the place of women in the society today and are pleased with the direction or even the status that women command in the society. But the present situation has been achieved through a lot of struggle, and I can boldly say that women with a lot of help from the general public have come a long way. If you look at the role of women today and compare it with some centuries back, you will appreciate the work that has been done to bring women to their current state. It has been through major movements, revolution, literature and war that the current situation has been achieved. However, it is of dial importance to note that different nations saw the light at different times. America, for example, had the place of women redefined long before the rest of the world. They may not have received the same treatment as now but were way ahead of the rest of the world.

Women before World War

Before the War, women were taken as homemakers. They were supposed to stay at home and be provided by their husbands. They were not entitled to employment. A woman was termed prosperous if she could bring up a good family and take good care of the husband and children. Most communities did not see the need to educate women as they were to get married. They did not have a right to choose a path in life. In some cases, they were treated as property and subject to men. A woman could not own property or even vote. They did not have identity cards and were seen as lesser than men.

Changes after World War Two

During the War, men were actively involved while a few women were used as spies and for supplying food to men on the battlefield. As men were busy in the field, women started being integrated into the industries. There was a shortage of a labor force and since women were the available some were taken to work in the industries. Others were trained so as to offer medical care to men that got injured in the war. Those that remained had to take up man roles at home so as to provide for the family. They went to the garden and did some odd jobs. This was the beginning of a new way. When the war was over, most women who had been actively involved in some income generating activities continued. It was then that women started perusing careers that had in the past been reserved for men. With this enlightenment, they fought for more and that is the reason for the place they enjoy today.