What Motivates Terrorists

The roots of terrorism are most of the times hard to get to and understand. Acts of terrorism have been on the increase in the recent past in different regions in the world. The rate of increase in acts of terrorism is astonishing and alarming. The diverse effects of terrorism make us wonder what the motivations of terrorists who engage in these acts are. Terrorists are viewed as heartless people. They engage in acts they know will lead to harm including the death of people, yet they proceed and do them. Whatever that motivates the terrorists do participate in such acts of violence may however not be worth the massive losses experienced when they participate in terrorist activities. Terrorists are the number one human rights violator. They do not have respect for human life. They do not care the number of people who die in their attacks. Sometimes the target of the terrorism may be aimed at killing a large number of persons. What motivates terrorists is thus sometimes difficult to understand.

Ideologies How they Motivate Terrorists

Ideologies are a major motivation for terrorism attacks for the terrorists. There are people who believe in revenge if they are wronged. One terrorist attack to one country from another may lead to retaliation from the opponent country. With the retaliations continuing among the countries, the citizens may suffer the effects. Massive deaths may also occur during such attacks. The belief in revenge, in this case, becomes a motivator to terrorists, and they thus engage in violence attacks with each other. Some terrorist groups in some nations engage in terrorism in their countries. They arrange attacks to push the government to make reforms on ideologies they believe in. Others are politically influenced. The leaders in different countries may use or pay off terrorists to engage in violence to push the current government out of power. Another way in which ideologies motivate terrorists is the belief that the only way for a nation to be safe is attacking their enemies to show their strength and defense.

Society and how it Motivates Terrorists

Happenings in the society may encourage people to join terrorism. Revenge and bitterness about the injustices in the nation may also encourage terrorists to plan and conduct attacks of terror. New terrorist groups may come up as a result of copying the activities of existing terrorist groups. Teachings and oaths taken by the members of different terrorist groups determine the extent of violence and terror attacks.