Characteristics Of A Profile Essay: A Quick Writing Guide

Writing a profile essay is not that much different. If you are well versed in the art of writing you will have no problem writing a profile paper. Here are a few tips that will show you how to do it. You will have to give the reader a good idea of the topic you are going to write on. It is very much like drawing a portrait. It has to be about a person, place or you can even write about an organization. It is very much like a descriptive paper only you have much more freedom and you can go to great lengths in describing the minute details.

Steps to write a good profile essay:

  • - First you will have to choose a topic. It is generally written about a person but you can write about anything as long as you think it has characteristics worth discussing. If it is your first time, your best bet is writing about a person because it much easier to write about the president than say inanimate objects, like a painting.
  • - Choose something that has enough information to work on. If you choose a living person you may even try to take an interview to get all your facts.
  • - There are many characteristics of a person but the one that you are going to write should have relevance. You cannot write random facts about the person; you will have to build up an image in the minds of the reader so that even when the reader does not know the person, they will be able to visualize it.
  • - After you have collected all the facts you will have to write the first draft. Make sure you keep the format right. You can take help from a sample if you want to. This way you will save a lot of time and will not have to go through all the rules and guidelines.
  • - After you have drawn the first draft you will have begin arranging the characteristics in the order you want to present them. The right order will help convey your thoughts on the subject. You can even use contrasting characteristics to build up the reader’s interest.
  • - After you have finished writing, keep polishing it till you get it right. Editing is very important if you want to make your paper sound good. You will have to proofread it before you submit.