War Against Terrorism

Every day we are reminded of terrorism as terrorists continue to inflict pain on innocent people in different parts of the world. Most of the victims of terrorism are innocent civilians who are in a target area at the wrong time. The fight against terrorism is a top agenda in all developed and developed countries. The 9/11 attacks proved that all nations are at risk of massive terrorist attacks. Efforts to fight terrorism intensified after these attacks. Countries have adopted national and international strategies in their efforts to fight terror. However, terrorist attacks have persisted over the years with the developing countries experiencing the worst forms of attacks. Terrorism evolves with new technologies especially in communication. Terrorist groups take advantage of new communication media to regroup, track government strategies against them, and organize their attacks.

Why do Nations Lose the War against Terrorism?

Terrorists have continued to regroup and reorganize their strategies to carry out their attacks successfully. Some nations experience more than one attack in a year and still fail to stop new terror attacks before they take place. Developing nations lack technological resources to share and act on intelligence. Poverty and unemployment force many young people to join terror groups. Consequently, nations fight terrorists within their territory with limited military power and intelligence. Corruption in government institutions especially in national defense and judicial systems has enabled terrorists to carry out attacks successfully.

Developed nations such as the United States lose the war against terror because of using the wrong strategies. United States has used extensive force to fight terror groups but this strategy has not stopped terrorism. Using force only seems to cause more deaths. Discrimination against innocent Muslims and wrong foreign and domestic policies have fueled further terrorism attacks. Most democracies fail to recognize and act upon the reasons that underlie terrorism. Instead, they focused on eliminating terrorists through force and threats.

Strategies to Fight Terrorism

Governments can win the war against terrorism by implementing the right strategies. They must review the current strategies including use of military power and eliminate ineffective strategies. Governments should consider the factors that influence young people to join terror groups. War strategies should include measure to eliminate such factors including unemployment and poverty. Governments especially in developing countries ought to increase their budgetary allocation to the war against terrorism. Sometimes the national defense system has the right intelligence about a planned attack but fail to reverse it because of lack resources. National defense systems must recognize the evolution in terrorism especially in using modern communication platforms to plan attacks. They should not rely on traditional war strategies to fight a modern war. The war against terrorism should not infringe on human rights and freedoms. In addition, nations must unite and combine forces to win the war against terrorism.