How To Organize A Title Page For An Essay: A Helpful Manual

When writing an essay, the title page is the first key section appearing in your document. This page consists of numerous elements such as:

  • Page number

  • Running head

  • The paper’s full title

  • Author byline

  • Author note. This is optional

  • Affiliated institutions

You will need to understand the directives of your instructor in regard to additional lines that are on title page. There are professors who may need additional information such as the submission date, course title or number or professor’s name.

General format

Like it is the case with other parts of your papers, you should ensure that the paper has been double-spaced and is also typed in the Times New Roman font of 12.

Formatting running head on title page

The label and running head are placed on the title page’s upper-left hand corner. A page number is placed on the opposite end. Ensure that the running head label appears only on title page. However, in the rest of the page, you should include the paper’s shortened title. Ensure that you have capitalized all letters in running head. These should not be more than fifty characters including letters, punctuations as well as spaces.

Formatting the paper’s title

Ensure that the paper’s full title is placed at the center of the page’s upper half and every first letters of the major words are capitalized. Ensure that the title of the paper doesn’t exceed 12 words. Do not use abbreviations as well as other unnecessary words. Avoid formatting title using italics, bold, quotations and underlining marks.

Formatting author byline

The author byline is usually made of the first name of the author, middle initial as well as their last name. This usually appears after the research paper’s full title. If the work has been done by 2 different authors, these should b separated using the word “and”. In case the work has been done by more than 2 authors, their names should be separated using commas.

Institution byline

After the author byline, the institution to which the author is affiliated should be included. Ensure that you have a name of the university or college which you attend or even the organization that funded the research. In case your instructor has requested for additional information, you may include this in the affiliation of the institution. If you would like to learn more on how to organize your essay’s title page, you should try out this resource.