Sexism Against Women


Many people associate sexism against women in the past with the long history of groups of women such as the Suffragettes fighting for equal rights. It is indeed true that much has changed over the course of history, but it would be wrong to assume that sexism against women is a thing of the past. Even in modern countries where women and men are seen to be on equal terms, there is still much sexism against women in many areas of modern life.


There is still much sexual discrimination that goes on in the classroom. Girls are taught that they have to be polite to society where as boys are allowed to get away with being loud and boisterous. In order to accept equality for later life, it is important that we address the following issues:

  • School uniform where girls have to wear skirts or dresses

  • Girls to be treated in the same way as boys

  • Some subjects are still treated as boys subjects and girls subjects

  • Both girls and boys need to be allowed to play the same sports and mixed teams to be encouraged

  • Toys such as dolls and trainsets should be available for both girls and boys

Gender discrimination may start in childhood but can be stamped out in order to create a true equality for later life. Work has begun in this area with most schools now allowing for girls to wear trousers and subjects are available to both boys and girls but still much has to be accomplished.


Sexism in the work place is still a very big thing in many work situations. For instance the world of nursing employs more women than men due to a myth that women are meant to be more caring then their male counterparts.

It is not just men that are being left out of jobs either. Female teachers are numerous when it comes to schools and even in some colleges. However when you consider university lecturers, the majority are still male. It is difficult for a woman to succeed in a male dominated environment of this nature.


Sexism against women is a subject that is still raw to many people because changed need to be made that allows women to succeed. Not only do they need to be encouraged in male dominated areas but this is a learning that can begin within the early years of our education system.