Population Growth

Population growth refers to the rate at which individuals in a given area increase. It may also include the study of the increase of animals and plants in the world. Over the last few decades, many studies have tended to focus on the population growth of humans. There is a rapid growth of humans in various parts of the world because of factors such as food production distribution and improved public health. As a result, there have been many consequences of population growth, most of them being negative. Thus, it is asserted that focus should be given to the effects of the population growth and the possible solutions.

Affecting the Quality Of Life

To start with, rapid population growth has been registered more in the developing nations. Fertility is closely related with poverty, while improved standards of living are associated with infertility. People who cannot afford the basics of life associate children with prestige and wealth. Hence, people who cannot take care of children tend to bear more of them. The government is therefore left with the burden of providing various social services. The rate of dependency also rises. Moreover, children may die at an early age while their mothers will suffer ill health at early stages of life. Thus, it is important that policies are made to improve standards of living in the developing nations so that the population growth problem is solved amicably.

Population growth is closely related to environmental degradation. Depletion of resources has been on the rise in areas where people are highly populated. People continue to cut down trees so that they can build houses. Exploitation of the raw materials to make products and hence meet the increasing demand is on the rise in various nations. Issues such as pollution have also risen because of congestion in cities. In the end, environmentalists warn that if the population is not controlled, then the future generations will not have quality of life.

The Inevitable Conflicts Because Of Limited Resources

Due to the population explosion, there have been many conflicts. People try to compete for the limited resources in their countries, which brings about fights and political instability. In such a situation, it is impossible for proper growth and development to be achieved in a nation. It further affects the quality of life of everyone. This is inclusive of the vulnerable and innocent persons in a population such as the elderly and the children. Clearly, population growth has many effects and various policies should be made in order to find perfect solutions to the problem.