Political Ideology

Any ideology is comprised of various different ideas. Political Ideologies for encompass and consist of sets of doctrines, principles and symbols of various institutions, movements or groups of people in the society. Political Ideology describes the way and manner in which the members of a particularly given society operate and live. The political ideology also comprises of the beliefs of the people in the society, their mindsets and the manner in which they conduct tasks and activities. Elections In any given nation, for example, are based on and depend on the type of Political ideology the people of a particular society believe in.

The Role of Political Ideology in Societies

Political ideology in a given societies plays a significant and vital role. The way that power is exercised and allocated among the leaders in the society depends on the political ideology. The manner in which the people conduct the election of leaders in the community is dependent on political ideology. It is thus vital and essential to note that the political ideology plays an important and critical role in determining the manner in which people in different societies are governed. Political ideology also shapes the way persons or individuals in a given societies view issues and the world. Optimism or pessimism is thus determined by political ideology.

Types of Political Ideologies

There are several types of political ideologies that are used in different societies. These political ideologies determine the forms of government in these societies and the manner in which the leaders exercise power. Conservative Ideology, for example, is one in which the citizens hold the belief that the government should avoid interfering with their lives as much as possible. They believe that people should take charge of their lives and have more responsibility for what they do. In such societies, change is likely to be rejected and unacceptable. Change is likely to bring about a negative impact on such societies as the citizens are mainly pessimistic about issues. Those who are conservatives believe in self-government and responsibility for their lives. On the other hand, Liberalism is an ideology in which the citizens believe that the governments should be highly involved in their lives. The citizens pressure the government for reforms that positively bring changes to the societies. Diversity is embraced in such societies. People believing in such ideologies are optimistic of the world and the future and have faith in their governments. The imperfections in such societies are handled by the governments by the governments.