Kidnapping is a vice that has become so rampant today. It is mostly seen in countries that are facing unrests. Kidnapping is generally holding a person against their consent or will. There are many reasons that may lead to kidnapping. The most common is when people are kidnapped for ransom. The masterminds will target mostly kids from the rich family. They will take the kid and then ask for money. They will warn the parents against involving the police. The other form of kidnapping that many people may at times see as a lesser crime is parental kidnapping. This is mostly caused by divorces and bad relationship break ups. It will lead to one parent taking and keeping children against the law or court’s ruling or even against the child’s will. Sometimes, people are kidnapped so as to burry evidence. People who may have vital information concerning some cases disappear without a trace. These people may later on be found dead or be reported missing forever. You can also get kidnapped if you find yourself in the wrong place at the wrong time. This is especially in crime scenes where the thugs need a hostage to help them get away from the police.

Operation of Kidnappers

Kidnappers like to operate in a way that will least create suspicion. This will involve the use of people who might not even be part of the kidnapping but will only be used to provide information. In most cases, they use information networks. They will use pretty girls that are hard to suspect. These ladies may follow you and provide details of your tracks. They may also use people who are close to you or your workmates and associates. When they do not have direct access, they will use people disguised as disables. They will make calls to give signals when they spot you. Other unsubstantiated claims say that the police and other law enforcers are also involved in kidnapping. This may be a misunderstanding as kidnappers disguise themselves as police officers and dress in police uniform.

Aftermath of Kidnapping

Kidnapping has many adverse effects on the society. One is that it causes untimely death. Those that are held for ransom may be killed if their families fail to pay the amount asked. During crossfire with the police, innocent people may be hit. Many evidence kidnappings do not end well and result in death. The other effect is economic paralysis. Those people that pay ransom end up being economically crippled. Those who survive kidnappings may also be negatively affected. They may develop the fear for many things or get traumatized.