Intimate Partner Violence

Currently, the media has been reporting of the increase in Intimate Partner Violence. The consequences of this have gotten worse and detrimental. Apart from discouraging individuals from getting involved in intimate relationships, it has led to deaths. It is different forms. There is children abuse or the abuse of a partner or spouse. The abuse of partners is, however, more common. Domestic abuse, as well as violence, is on the increase, and there is the essence to have this curbed. It can lead to the effect of misery as well as living in fear. It is, however, unfortunate that most individuals remain in such relationships knowing they are abusive and harmful.

Causes and Risk Factors of Intimate Partner Violence

Research indicates that most of the individuals who die from the type of violence have no warnings. Early childhood experiences may increase the chances of one being violent to the partner and the children. A man who had a rough childhood characterized by violence may be violent with the family. Watching parents fight or get violent can influence the behavior of individuals even in adulthood. Alcohol intake may also be a contributor to the increasing Intimate Partner Violence in families today. Drinking problems may be a major cause of the death rates especially among women in a relationship. This is the truth as depicted statistically. Early parenthood may also be a cause of violence. Parenting when one is not ready may cause stress and finally violence. It is also likely that the cause of violence may be stress due to the high poverty levels. With low income, one can be too much stressed, ending up having alcohol issues. Finally, it could yield to arguments and fights and violence in homes.

Effects of Intimate Partner Violence

One issue could be mental torture, stress and distress. Victims of the violence may have mental issues, lower self-esteem as well as living in fear of partners. Apart from this, it can lead to broken families and relationships. In the process, children suffer when they parents part ways. They may get stressed and confused. They may also suffer emotional issues. Besides, the violence may result in physical injuries for the victims. One may even get an injury taking long to cure. Even worse, some people murder their partners in the violence. It also leads to unhappy lives, especially for victims. In the case of offenses, individuals can serve jail terms for violence.