Indigenous Religion

Indigenous religion was and is still present and practiced by some Native communities in various parts of the world. The Indigenous Religion of the people who practice it is characterized by the recognition and respect for their traditions. The language of the people is also critical in Indigenous Religion. Traditional cultural practices are exercised and maintained by the native groups. The importance of maintaining these practices is to avoid loss of these traditions with time. They are thus passed on to generations. They are mostly preserved through the songs and dances. The young among the natives practicing indigenous religion are also taught on the importance of the religion and the essence of maintaining and preserving all the traditions and the cultural practices. A major concept of Indigenous Religion is the presence of myths that all attempt to describe various events including the origin of the people. There are also different religious beliefs about what should be done and what is wrong. Belief in spirits, gods, and other supernatural powers is a common phenomenon for Indigenous Religion.

Patterns Shared by Indigenous Religion

Various patterns are shared by indigenous religions. The respect for nature is very essential for people practicing Indigenous Religion. The human beings are surrounded by living creatures including fellow people and animals. The plants and vegetation are also part of the natural surroundings of people. The belief for respect for each other and the care for the universe and all the animals in it is among the beliefs engraved in Indigenous Religion. The respect for the universe attracts blessings from gods, spirits, and ancestors. Another pattern is the respect for supernatural powers. The natives that practice Indigenous Religion show respect to ancestors, spirits, and gods. They show respect through respect for nature and sharing with each other. The other pattern for Indigenous Religion is the sacred time. Holiness is a pillar among others in Indigenous Religion. Prayers and sacrifices are part of the sacred times. Sharing of tales and stories about the origin of the people is also a sacred time.

Threat to Indigenous Religion

Indigenous religion does not exist in as many groups of people as it used to in the past. Modernity is one of the factors that is a threat to the Indigenous Religion. The way people worship has changed. The changes in roles of people have also threatened Indigenous Religion. People do not remember even their origin.