Helpful Hints For Creating An Essay On How To Improve Our Behavior

Sometimes it is a lot easier to write about the tangible, than seemingly intangible behavioral related topics. However, the behavior of humans and animals has fascinated many for centuries, and with more and more children presenting with behavioral related difficulties the need for a societal shift in understanding has never been more pressing or urgent. So, to help you on your way a little bit here are some helpful hints for creating an essay on improving our behavior:

Consider your angle

The approach and angle that you choose to adopt will shape your paper and ultimately your grade. If you are potentially looking towards a career say in social work, or as a behavioral therapist then it would makes sense to pick a topic that feeds into that. If your interest is however, more generalized then you will have a larger deck of cards to play with.

Consider your own behavior

Okay, so it can be difficult to do this objectively as most of us don’t like to admit the fact that we may have quirks in your personality or behavior. However, this is definitely a worthwhile exercise and may actually provide you with some useful insights that you can use beyond your essay.

Case studies

Case studies particularly around the field of behavior management can be particularly beneficial. Just ensure that you approach these with the right attitude. Crucially you will require a degree of sensitivity. If you are using real life case studies then you may be required to change the names of the individuals concerned to protect their identities. You might also need to factor in whether or not there are any expenses or logistics involved in say traveling to meet with these people.

Old practices of behavior management versus new methods

It is always good to attempt to be at the forefront of any current developments. While there is still a long way to go, societal attitudes have changed significantly. In Britain for example, the old methods of disciplining via physical punishment have been replaced by more inclusive methods of trying to get to the root causes of the problem. Children are more likely to be put on a behavior chart which rewards them for good behavior with say a sticker, than they are to have any form of aggressive consequences. It might be a good idea to explore whether this is a positive or a negative thing.