Searching For A Free Five-Paragraph Essay Outline Example

Throughout history, students have always looked for ways of making the essay writing process as easy as possible. One of these ways is to look for examples of work that other people have written, so as to give a better understanding of how to do the work. In fact, as well as looking at examples for reference purposes, some students may even choose to look for samples that they can pass off as their own. However, it is worth pointing out that if using prewritten samples to do this then students can be accused of plagiarism, if found out.

Due to the dangers of plagiarism, some students, rather than copying prewritten samples, will instead have bespoke samples created for them, which should theoretically be unique and, therefore, not get them into trouble for plagiarism. Of course, if it emerges that they didn’t write the work themselves, then they can still get into trouble; however, the dangers of being caught for plagiarism will surely be reduced, particularly in the current day and age, seeing as schools and universities can use high quality plagiarism detectors to identify any copied work.

It is worth noting that, as well as simply copying the work, some students would try and find examples to give them a better understanding of how to write the work. For example, if you needed to write a five paragraph essay outline, then you may wish to find an example in order to get a better understanding of how to format to complete the work.

Writing your outline

It is worth noting that an outline is not normally used for such a short essay. In fact, an outline is generally only used with research papers and other more significant essays. Therefore, the majority of the time when you are asked to write a five paragraph paper, you will not need to write an outline. Nevertheless, if you have been asked to write one, particularly if you’re trying to develop your essay writing skills, then you may be wondering where you can find an outline sample.

As mentioned, you can find samples that have been prewritten, as well as potentially have the option to have a bespoke sample created. A search engine will be the best way of finding websites that offer prewritten samples; however, in order to have a bespoke sample created, you should look for professional writing agencies or individuals through a freelance websites.