Practical Advice On Composing An Essay About Your Family History

It can be amazingly exciting to discover and write about your family history. Composing an essay about your family history is actually very simple, and can be done by anyone. Here is some practical advice to keep in mind when writing your essay.

  • Before you write your essay, you should decide on the spectrum of topics that you would like to discuss. To get a better feel for what others have written, you can search online or go to a library where you might find essays on family histories. Note how these are written and use them as guides.

  • How far back do you want to go in your family timeline? How many generations do you think is important to include in your essay? Knowing how many people you are prepared to talk about will give you an idea of how long your essay will be.

  • Develop an outline and stick to it to help you get all your ideas across in your essay. Outlines are fantastic tools that writers often use to keep track of important points in their stories.

  • Who is your audience? Are you writing for just your family members or for the community newsletter? Is it going to be an adult read or something that children can understand as well? Knowing who your potential readers are can help you figure out the best way to write your essay.

  • Start your essay in an interesting manner. Grab the attention of your reader by following some basic rules of fiction writing for first sentences. While you are definitely not writing a work of fiction, you don’t want to write a dull essay. Search for the most interesting part of a family member’s life and begin your essay there.

  • Keep your essay interesting by building some suspense. The way in which you do this could be adding in an interesting letter that one family member wrote which will keep readers turning the page, or bring in an unsuspected character into the history. Of course, while still keeping with the facts.

  • Make you’re ending compelling. You don’t have to state that everyone died or lived happily ever after. Find other ways to end the story that will stick longer with your reader.

When you’ve finished with your essay you should include an index and cite your sources. You can visit this service to help guide you in writing your family history.