The Secret To Creating A Good Essay About Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa is without doubt an iconic figure who impacted the world in a big way. This is why this is one of the topics that students are required to tackle for their essays. Here are a few tips that you can use to ensure that you create a good essay on Mother Teresa.


You will need to begin by considering why Mother Teresa makes a good subject for your essay. You will need to ask yourself various questions on the subject. Who was Mother Teresa? When and where did she live? What made her stand out as a legendary figure? You will need to assume that the reader of the essay has no idea who Mother Teresa was and therefore it is your role to make him or her to understand her better.

What surprises you on the subject?

When writing an essay on Mother Teresa, you may be tempted to write what you think your professor or teacher would like to read. However, this should not be the case. Instead, you should ask yourself, what is it that you find interesting on this subject? What is it that I am surprised about? Consider also the key sources that you should use for your research.

Format of the essay

You will need to subdivide your essay into different parts which should have some supporting paragraphs to back the different parts. These parts are:

  • Thesis. This should offer an introduction into the subject you are discussing

  • Body. This should be made of about 3 paragraphs

  • Conclusion. This should offer an overview of the subjects you have discussed.

Start with a rough draft

When you begin writing the essay, you don’t need to think a lot about the format of the paper. Since the introductions are usually the hardest part of writing the paper, you can even start with the body. This is important as the introduction usually offers a summary of the entire paper. When you write the introduction last, you will have the body of the paper where you can figure out the key points of the essay.

Feel free to dance around

Most essays are usually a kind of a dance. It doesn’t mean that you need to remain in one pace and write from the start to the end. Instead, you will need to feel free to write as if you are circling round a certain topic instead of making a single and straightforward argument. After you have edited, it is possible to ensure that everything else lines up in the correct order.