Selecting Winning Reflective Narrative Essay Topics: Tips & Examples

Students can first learn about how to write a proper reflective narrative essay as early as middle school and find this kind of writing assigned all the way through college. The assignment is pretty straightforward but it does require a lot creativity and excellent use of descriptive language and storytelling. Selecting a winning topic is key to composing a great paper, so we’ve come up with a few tips and examples to help you do just that:

Review Your Instructor’s Suggestions or Assignment Prompt

It’s not always easy for students to come up with their own winning topics when it comes to this kind of writing, so most instructors will try to spark some creativity by providing students with an assignment prompt and list of ideas. Don’t brush these suggestions aside; they can be very helpful. You can either choose something you know your instructor already approves of, or use the list to develop some ideas of your own.

Consider Events and Experiences from the Media or Internet

One of the reasons people tend to turn to the media or internet to find information is because there are so many stories that resonate with something personal in our lives. We read about a car crash and think of a similar experience we know. Or we hear about how someone survived being lost in the woods and we think about being scared the first time on a family trip. Look to world around for some great jumping off points.

Consider Events and Experiences from a Book or Song

Just like you can come up with a lot of great reflective narrative topics by reading or listening to current events in media, you can have an easy time selecting a great topic by considering a book or song that evoked a specific memory of an event or experience. Most people can easily think of a song or book that reminds them of something from their past, so you should have no trouble coming up with some great ideas.

Use the Following Reflective Narrative Essay Topic Examples

  1. Describe a time in your life when you felt out of place or distant from your immediate surroundings? What led you to find yourself in that situation and what did the experience teach you?

  2. Can you recall a person that influenced you to do something or change a part in your life for the better? Where is that person now and how has your personality changed?

  3. Is there a place you could have been that would have put you in a bad situation but were never present in? How has this changed your way of thinking?