Globalization Of Eating Disorders

Many people today suffer from eating disorders. The media has been largely blamed for the change. In the past, few people cared about body size and dieting so as to control the body shape. Today it is the new trend. The most affected are the girls. The new idea of beauty being defined I terms of body size and shape has led to the increase in eating disorders. In the past, few cases were only being reported in a few developed countries. In a country like Fiji, they did not have international access channels until 1995. During this time, ladies or women had little or no issues with body shape and weighed. Beauty was not based on size. After the arrival of international TV shows, cases of girls with eating disorders started being reported. Some girls were reported to be on the diet so as to control their weight. This shows that the eating disorders problem is soon going global. Women in Africa were considered beautiful if they had huge behind. Due to westernization, the new beauty requires ladies to be skinny and light to be considered beautiful. This has changed the eating habits. Many women control what they eat and visit the GYM regularly to exercise.

Causes of global eating disorders

Some of the major causes of eating disorders are documented as genetic, biological, familial and societal. However, some people will just choose to change their ways of eating. People may lose food craving because of stress or because of nutritional policies like in the case of a disease. These, however, account for a very small percentage of today’s cause of eating disorders. Media and the Internet are today’s largest cause of eating disorders. A lot of images of skinny ladies with exaggerated features are spread all over in advertisements. This is the new trend of beauty. It has affected many and led to them changing their eating habits so as to match what they see.

What can be done?

It is difficult to account for the global spread of the eating disorders. The families and genetics are however not to blame. The media too is not to blame. Families have to live in the time and space where they have to be influenced by some external factors like the media. The problem, however, is that the influence is too rampant. We need to devise a way to counter the widespread of media influence. This can only be done through the same media.