The Quick And Simple Way To Write A Five-Paragraph Essay Outline

Writing a five paragraph essay is not much different from writing a three paragraphed one. Like the three paragraph format here you will have an introduction, a body and a conclusion at the end. Here are a few tips that will help you to write faster and come up with a good quality paper in no time. But before you begin, you will have to understand the basic concept first. The format is very simple, you will have to divide the body in to three different paragraphs. The first part will have the most strongest and relevant point. The second one will have the least relevant or weaker points. The third paragraph of the body and also the second last paragraph will have some further explanation of the previous two points.

Steps you will have to follow in order to write a five paragraph essay quickly:

  • The first thing that you will have to do is pick a topic for the paper. You do not have to pick an overtly simple topic but that does not mean you will select something too complex. You will have to write the paper and explain the title within three points but they must also be poignant enough to make a paragraph each.

  • After you have selected the topic, you will have to find two most relevant points about it. If there are three you can include the third one in the last paragraph. You can even write two less significant points in the last paragraph. You will have to find enough information that will make the paper standout. No one wants to read facts that they already know so try to find out facts that are little know and you can do that only through research. When you have collected all the information you will have to start with the first draft. Plan it properly and put the points in the right order.

  • After you have finished the paper you will have to edit it till you have removed all grammatical mistakes and also made it much better that what you started out with. With slow polishing you will be able to chip off all the unnecessary words and make the paper a pleasure to read.

  • Proper proofreading is also important because spelling mistakes can annoy the reader. You will have to use some of the online tools available. They will do the job perfectly.