Advice from a former student on how to get essays for money

Finding essays for money isn’t the problem. There are people and agencies offering this service all over the web. What could be problematic however is finding an online essay writer that is good at what they do. If you do a quick google search for professional writers you will get a total of 80 900 000 results. How do you choose which of these to use? As a former student, I have some advice that will make your search a lot easier.

If it’s Too Good to Be True

Everybody is an article or paper apparently. They’re popping up all over the place and while the majority are good at what they do there are also scammers and bogus writers jumping on the bandwagon. If you come across a service that is charging a ridiculously low price then chances are they’re going to be delivering a ridiculously badly written essay and that’s the last thing you need. This isn’t to say go for the most expensive writer either. Go for someone who offers a professional service at a fair cost.

Use the Grapevine

Speak to other students, get referrals, check college notice boards for any ‘write my essay’ services and a do little bit of research. Google the name of the agency or the individual for any reviews or comments. Most professionals will have some kind of a website where they show off their work; do a quality check and see if you like their style and tone of writing. If you’re unable to find previous work or the writer is reluctant to send examples through alarm bells should be ringing.

Quality Control

Although you would have done a bit of a quality check already make sure you are working with someone with experience, and a professional attitude, even if it’s a fellow student. Choosing someone who isn’t serious about the service they offer means you possibly missing the deadline, failing or if you get a ‘copy and paste’ person, and the paper is plagiarized getting kicked out of college.

There are other things to consider when looking for someone to assist you with your essays but in my experience, the above-mentioned points are the important ones; keep them in mind when deciding and you will find someone that suits your budget and needs.