A List Of Good Persuasive Essay Topics For Middle School

When it comes to penning down some of your most brilliant ideas, as a student one of the prime opportunities to do so is through essay writing. In middle schools, students will always be subjected to one form or writing or another depending on the subject. It is for this reason that middle school students are supposed to have a good mastery of the art of writing so that everything does not take them by surprise. Well, when it comes to crafting something that seeks to persuade your prospective readers, you would rather tread carefully that run the risk of doing a literary piece that in compromise of what is expected of you. Today, most schools have made learning student-centered which means the bulk of work will always be done by learners and the teachers only serving as guides on areas that a student needs some insights and tips. A good area that illustrates this is the writing of compositions. Persuasive essays come in different forms but the rules remain the same. Topics can be varied but always ensure to follow through the guidelines for doing such type of compositions. In this article, we take a look at some good persuasive topics for your consideration, so take a dive further.

  • Well, technology is upon us and learning can be quite challenging or easy depending on how you look at it. Based on this assertion, you can take a look into a topic like whether students in middle school should be allowed to carry mobile phones to class

  • Also, wearing of uniforms has been conventional except for tertiary learning institutions where students can dress the way they want. On this premise, a topic like –should middle school students be allowed to attend classes in civilian attire can make a good topic for persuasion?

  • Democratic processes include voting but it is restricted to some age. Well, a persuasive topic in this can be something like-Voting age should be lowered to 10

  • Illegal immigration is on the rise. This is a number area to take a good stance on for a persuasive writing. A topic like-illegal immigrants fuel insecurity can make a good title for a writing piece

  • Girls should be permitted to play alongside boys in football

  • Every city should have a free internet connectivity for residents

  • Vehicles should be banned from accessing cities to reduce traffic jam

  • Abortion should be made legal